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Hello and a warm welcome to this free and very simple to use Euros To Pounds Converter. This simple site does exactly what it says on the tin, it converts Euros to Pounds Sterling and it does this very quickly and free..

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It’s very easy to get started and it also works great on your mobile phone. Just adjust one of the main text boxes above (Euros or Pounds) and you’ll see the other box will adjust straight away with your Euros To Pounds conversion.

1 Euros = 0.85 Pounds

This website is very useful because it allows you to convert the Euro to the Pound very easily on the move so you can know exactly what something is costing you. Lots of people around the UK, Europe and the world use this simple Euros To Pounds calculator because they want to know how much something costs in Euros or how much it costs in Pounds.

People also use this site for business currency conversion because we quickly display the latest euro to pound rate as soon as you visit this site.

If you would like more information displayed on this site or have any questions about your euros to pounds conversion then please contact us and we’ll do our best to help. Thank you.